Photo: Taiwan military exercises with Vietnam as an imaginary enemy generals admit Taiping Island

Published: 9:06:51 September 5,2012  Views: 632
Photo: Taiwan military exercises with Vietnam as an imaginary enemy generals admit Taiping Island Taiwan's military self-propelled howitzers participating Photo: Taiwan military exercises with Vietnam as an imaginary enemy generals admit Taiping Island Taiwan's armed forces from the 1st of this month 'live fire' drills Pictured Taiwan military large-caliber artillery Taiping Island in Nansha

[World Wide Web Roundup] Taiwan authorities on the 4th open live-fire drill held in Nansha Taiping Island, Taiwan's military generals said the military has performed reinforcements Pacific Island war games, 'content in Vietnam as the imaginary enemy', conceived Taiping Island was attack, the Taiwan Army and Marines rush to the rescue from the air and sea.

Taiwan << United Daily News >> reported, the generals said, Taiping Island from Vietnam and Taiwan, respectively, 600 and 1600 km, a small island far limited offensive and defensive forces, 'the Taiwan side when sent a rush to the rescue troops, was the most difficult decision , but does not consider cooperation with the People's Liberation Army '.

Reported that the past Taiwan's military Once something Taiping Island, the intruder must mainland's military, but this thinking has changed as the situation in accordance with the intensity and action of the neighboring countries in the South China Sea sovereignty sound cable, the Philippines and Vietnam become a major threat, but the Philippine military capability, coupled with several publicly stated 'no objection to building Taiwan Taiping Island, the threat of lower than Vietnam.

According to Taiwan's military planning, the emergency situation of around Taiping Island, will be the the table Air Force C-130 transport aircraft emergency airlift of troops to the Pacific island, each aircraft to transport up to 90 fully armed soldiers, navigating the Manila Flight Information Region.

The generals usually fly to Taiping Island, the courtesy to inform the Philippines, but if there is a military need, as long as the aircraft over the high seas, there would be no problem, the Taiwan Air Force fighters will make the greatest possible escort Taiwan Navy ships will also be deploy appropriate waters in the South China Sea, transport aircraft to ship air defense missile umbrella.

Station Marines aboard Task detachment to go, the generals said, shipping is slow, but can be projected Bing Libi airlifted large time, in addition to personnel, weapons, ammunition, fuel and everyday necessities can transport on the island, the warship is complete weapons systems, leader by Kidd-class destroyers, sufficient to deter the Vietnamese Air Force Soviet fighters invaded Taiping Island.

It has been revealed that the Taiwan Navy field implementation over AAV7 amphibious assault vehicle from the sea board the Pacific Island drill.

Pointed out that the generals play down the Taiping Island is not difficult to hold not easy, this location can not change reality, but if the timing of the troops dispatched to select the correct reinforcements on the island first, it is possible to dispel the intention of the other to invade, battle perhaps unlikely.