Stick to Causeway Bay 42 years old congee and noodle down

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Southern News reporter He Wei from Hong Kong 'This is not my sorrow, the sorrow of the people of Hong Kong, the business for 42 years,' Lee Yuan congee and noodle experts 'tea restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and also can not escape the rent from 30 million (HK $ under ) per month soared to 60 million of bad luck, finally concluded yesterday the business of .70-year-old boss Guo Peijia pestle with crutches yesterday personally looking at the family-owned lifetime of hard work, a morning kung fu dismantled into ruins, can not help but sad tears.

200 people queuing up to bid farewell to the old

Most bustling streets in Hong Kong on Lockhart Road, and the day before surging poll, compared to the boisterous scene of a long line of 200 people's congresses, Southern Reporter immediate Lei Garden congee and noodle experts yesterday has been the construction of blue and white cloth round and round around live, shop ruins. Following the civilians in cafes Chen Cheng Kee ',' Kee ice room 'operated for 45 years, respected by Michelin Good Mong Kok Noodles', 'Lei Garden congee and noodle experts double bad luck 'can not escape the rent increase over 70-year-old boss Guo Peijia yesterday only reluctantly to the end of a person operating a 42-year restaurants.

Old mosaic floor tile, the decor of the 1970s, more than half a century cash registers Despite the failure, but still placed in the cash register counter as Zhendian treasure congee and noodle experts Lei Garden, the most prosperous areas in Hong Kong one of Causeway Bay. recent years, the Causeway Bay area has become the free exercise of paradise, operating since 1971 Lei Garden congee and noodle experts, Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, the whole street is already the final a veteran of restaurants around a home cosmetics The clothing chain, as well as a large shopping mall surrounded by century old shops seemed to be somewhat out of tune.

The end of last year, there have been investigations per square foot (1 square foot of about 0.093 square meters) in the vicinity of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong year average 2630 U.S. dollars rent, rents average about $ 28,300 a year per square meter, successfully defeated Manhattan, New York Fifth Avenue, 'the 11-year dominance become a global retail shop to shop rents up city.

Transformation or sales of high-end consumer goods

Mr. Li Lei Garden 'old fans', it is learned that he ate 30 years old taste of the future could not eat, yesterday also specially rushed over to say goodbye in person with Lee Yuan.

Looked at the pieces of broken glass, Mr. Li address him 'heartache', he said, the quaint old shops in Hong Kong is less and less, leaving memories of Hong Kong people are also getting less, it sorry.

To say goodbye, also indicated a wish to help Lei Garden and boss Guo Peijia story into a book writer, and more coming all the way from the mainland of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou peace talks partnership business catering shop owner. Guo Peijia are all declined , he said 'do catering specificity necessary hands-on', but after any plans the elderly slightly reluctant to say, still do not know, etc. Guowanchunjie to say it.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the shop monthly rental asking price has reached 150 million, industry estimates, due to the shop at Sogo Backstreet Lot, near shops selling cosmetics in recent years has gradually become shop, shoe store or popular boutiques of the wave, estimated that the shop will be used as sales of high-end consumer goods.

Old story

'This is not my sorrow, the sorrow of the people of Hong Kong'

Brother told reporters, boss Guopei Jia Lei Garden, which opened in 1971, 42 years ago, when the monthly rent of $ 2000 alone, the last time the requirements of owners rent increase was three years ago, plus more than 20 million to 30 million. Recently they the shop rents plus from the current 30 million to 60 million, privately run shop, how can be compared, and next to these large enterprises and groups, how might pay to afford so expensive rent. Lei Garden do a 30 years old man told reporters the South, despite nearly half a century of wind and rain, Lei Garden final match for the rent increase can only select sadly closed down, although the boss has been repeatedly asking the owners of these shops to buy it, But more than 10 years, the owners have been unwilling to sell.

'This is not a sad, sad for the people of Hong Kong, looked at his family operating lifetime of hard work before a morning kung fu demolished in ruins, listening to the storefront door glass splashed floor sound, looking at the past painstaking research how to sign dumplings made with delicious stove hammer pieces on it day and night, boss Guo Peijia pestle crutches whispered, tears flow out, and really do not want '.

Looked at has been removed, 'Lee Yuan congee and noodle experts' signs, Guopei Jia told reporters, remember the words he personally wrote, and now they have become the collective memory of the people of Hong Kong, the collection into a museum .

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