Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation

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Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation The the Ming blue glaze Duisu Jar Yu Wen Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation The Ming Su Choi scored Chanzhi Lotus Jar Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation The Guangxu paragraph reactive glaze ears square bottle

Jiangxi Xungang Lee

The new Museum of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province in May 2012 officially open to the public and held in Jiujiang collections Cultural Treasures 'exhibition, from the selection of the city's museums, 60 cultural relics, so that the public feast for the eyes. Following a few Ming fine ceramics of the Qing era to readers:

, The the Ming blue glaze Duisu Yu Wen vessel (Figure 1)

Blue glaze is also known as the the plot blue glaze, 'blue glaze festival', 'Ji green glazed alkali glaze is a high-temperature lime green glazing, high temperatures of 1280 to 1300 ° C once-fired deep color, glazed stream does not crack, tone shades of uniformity, more stable coloring glaze blue, such as deep-sea, glazed uniform color stability, later called 'Ji Qing, put it side by side and white glaze and glaze push for Xuande color glaze porcelain three 'top grade' process inherited the tradition of the Yuan Dynasty, continue to spread, the main shape for the sacrificial utensils and furnishings porcelain.

Ming blue glaze Duisu Jar Yu Wen 22 cm, diameter 8.4 cm, bottom diameter of 9.3 cm. Was the Pearl-like roof, the tank straight mouth, Feng shoulder, Gufu, ring foot. Shoulder exposed child scored Tour four fish, two fish above the scored volume moire, hypogastrium exposed child scored a semicircle seawater pattern, sculpture and the white glaze waves pattern, each decorated with small dots between the water ripples in two semicircle seawater pattern. quintana applied blue glaze , at the end of unglazed.

, Ming Su Choi scored lotus scrolls Jar.

Plain three-color to impose green, yellow, eggplant purple color on the in the unglazed prime tires, and firing began in the Ming Zhengde years, the Kangxi continue firing ceramic industry, there is another prime polychrome ',' prime ceramic porcelain glaze color varieties, is yellow, green, purple and white porcelain based, in fact, is not limited to the tri-color, but not red. their production methods in the high-temperature firing prime porcelain body fill with glaze has scored good patterns, and then the low-temperature firing.

The Ming Su Choi scored lotus scrolls Jar, 17.4 cm high, 7.3 cm diameter, 8.3 cm, foot diameter top plastic cover with a lion-like New York, cover the surface characterization of moire, bead tank straight mouth, Feng shoulder arc belly, dwarf Quanzu. shoulder scored week follow-up petals the body in green and facilities yellow, brown, white glaze, the tank Shi green glaze, unglazed bottom.

Three Guangxu paragraph reactive glaze ears square bottle (Figure 3)

VASE shape first appeared in the Song Dynasty, its shape imitation bronze Han pot shape. Guangxu paragraph reactive glaze ears square bottle was 30 cm high, diameter 11 x 9 cm, bottom diameter of 12 cm * 9.5 cm. 'Asian' shaped mouth, aggravation delicate, slip shoulder Gufu, the rectangular ring foot, neck heap paste symmetry ears. quintana applied reactive glaze, glaze with red, purple, blue, between white reactive glaze shiny and soft, red pan-blue, hair color is gorgeous, each Zhen wonderful, even enamel fatness, glass texture bottom foot flush on the blackened side, very obvious characteristics of the times of the late Qing. fine white Taizhi. bottom engraved 'Great Qing dynasty years, 'the sixth double kaishu, neat font, the kiln is a typical Guangxu.

The reactive glaze Yongzheng Font Junyao on the basis of development and changes from its glaze contains a variety of coloring elements, and therefore the color of ever-changing gorgeous, very ornamental, saying 'Yaobian Warriors' said. such that the flat side body VASE from Qianlong began to pop a bottle, a variation of the Font GUANYAO VASE, dignified and elegant style, ornamental rather to the late Qing dynasty, has been popular since the Qianlong period firing is GUANYAO traditional varieties of this type of bottle Qing furnishings flower arrangement, as Yuan Hung-tao should >> << bottle History of Vase of Flowers says: 'magnification flower arrangement, said will take a bottle, flower higher than bottle of five-inch can, such as bottles two feet, the belly under real, spend two feet six-seven inches out of the bottle, to fold ramp redundant squid, Spreading around, covered on both sides of the bottle half Ya. '

4, the Guangxu paragraph pastels peach VASE (Figure 4)

Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation The Guangxu shall pastel peach VASE

Pastels of the glaze color, silty added on colored compound, glaze rendering light green, pink and other pastel colors colorful low temperature bake burn color colorful and soft, also known as 'soft color. 'the Guangxu Once Ceramic renaissance, imperial porcelain varieties gain, abdominal fine in the the white glaze ears square bottle painted pastel peach pattern made for the new product., 30 cm high, diameter 11.5 * 9.5 cm, bottom diameter of 12 * 9 cm, 'sub'-shaped mouth, straight neck, two ears, slanting shoulder Gufu rectangular Quanzu. along the back decorated paper for a week, double earrings 'shou' character, bottles whole body decorated with pastel bat peach pattern, peach pale dry cross interjection, fruits hanging over the branches, matte finish to show run, realistic and attractive, lined with Cuiye flower, even more obsequiousness. the hypogastrium Accessories deformation banana leaf patterns. Bottom book 'Great Emperor Guangxu year,' the blue and white from sixth double Hang Kaishu This bottle and color Xianyan beautiful, glazed moist uniform, detailed fetal bone white, the firing level is far better than the former administration, drew the Kangxi and Qianlong strength of character, in order to The Guangxu the Guan Yaojia for the very characteristics of the times.

Abdomen painted exquisite travertine, flowers, peach branches, real peach, peach leaf image are based on very strict meticulous fine line of traditional Chinese painting pen and ink Rhyme tick, its the bone pen 'jian strong, meticulous flattening filter density on the structure of the screen and everything is the same from the painting's composition layout processing, proper spacing, just right, reflecting the superb porcelain painting techniques. Looking at the whole picture, the traditional 'the bone pen' bold and pastels soft combination of both to achieve harmony and unity.

5, the Emperor Guangxu paragraph pastels Kwai mouth Yunlong butterfly pattern plate (Figure 5)

Photo: Jiujiang City Museum possession of the Ming and Qing fine porcelain appreciation The Emperor Guangxu models Pastel Kwai mouth Yunlong butterfly pattern plate

From Emperor Guangxu the pastels Kwai mouth Yunlong butterfly pattern plate exquisite technology and refined, beautiful color, larger size, beautifully produced. Commendable is that after years of baptism, still in the perfect as ever, exquisite the Emperor Guangxu models pastels Kwai mouth Yunlong Butterfly pattern plate diameter 62 cm long, 45.2 cm wide at bottom and 50 cm long, 30 cm wide, 8 cm high. Handicap was sunflower-shaped, shallow belly, oval ring foot, the inner rim decorated week plum blossom design between to around Begonia-shaped opening, the inner wall of the plate followed by a circle xianwen a circle butterfly pattern, the bottom decorated alum red Erlongxizhu of tray bottom of the plate of 'Qing dynasty system' double-sixth kaishu.

Interested friends of these artifacts If time allows, you can go to the Jiujiang museum visit and see the real capacity.