Experts say the future rose snuff bottle boutique

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Experts say the future rose snuff bottle boutique White jade snuff bottle gourd-shaped imperial poetry creation 6.3cm Qianlong period Experts say the future rose snuff bottle boutique Golden Pastel Floral Sprays melon prismatic Qianlong period Snuff 5.4cm Creation Experts say the future rose snuff bottle boutique Western Copper Ladies painted enamel snuff bottle Qianlong period 4.4cm Creation

Beijing Times [microblogging] reporter Yang Jing

May 27, Sotheby's Hong Kong [microblogging] of the 'Mary and Zhuangzhi Bo Collection Snuff' Auction again achievement, 'white glove' success, presenting 170 of this special auction, the final turnover of HK $ 34.2 million, surpassing Valuation doubled highest bid auction which is Qing Emperor Qianlong material enamels 'basket-style' snuff bottles, to HK $ 2.68 million sold. Experts believe that the current class of snuff is a very worthy collection of art, of its kind variety, affordable, help collectors collection system.

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Snuff bottle auction prices rise year after year

Although snuff is exotic, but after Chinese craftsmen talent to create, develop to create a lot of categories, known as 'the culmination of a variety of processes set national pocket art', well received by the literati's preferences. Fusion of Eastern and Western cultures snuff , many materials, glass, ceramics, silver, copper, tin, jade, amber, beeswax, agate, ivory, walnut, production process have enamel, sculpture, throwing, mosaic, gilt and other means.

Snuff small and unique, easy to carry, the price is relatively modest in recent years, the major auction companies have set up special, hundreds of million of prices is not uncommon. Beijing Goethe [microblogging] antique curios Auction Co., Ltd., general manager of Tang Tong Jieshao , as early as 1994 Beijing Hanhai special auction on the creation of snuff, snuff since the domestic art auction market to emerge, since its market price all the way up, the market has become the new darling of the auction collection. 'in 2011, in the ' Empty satisfied that all things - Japanese private collection snuff special ', the 103 auction all transactions, the turnover reached 15,473,250 yuan. '

In this year's spring auction in Beijing Huachen Auctions [microblogging] has launched Robert Chang Tibet snuff special. According to the Beijing Huachen Auctions Co., Yang Jian, head of porcelain introduced this special auction on the film 163, with a total turnover of 5.407 million million, turnover rate of 92.02%. 'snuff market these years, prices have been higher, the domestic auctions every year snuff debut last year snuff became popular in the country this year, has suddenly become a hot market, showing that collectors on snuff pot more and more attention. 'Yang Jian said.

For increasingly warming snuff bottles collection, Beijing International Auction Co., Ltd. Nine ceramic hybrid unit a person in charge of anonymity (hereinafter referred to as Nine Songs responsible person) said that this collection has been formed thanks to snuff a stable collector groups. 'With China's economic development and people's art appreciation level, this group is expanding every year, especially more than 80 have been active in the art auction market after, they have a new aesthetic demands and collectibles concept. '

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A small amount of enamel snuff expensive

Artron data from the statistical point of view, the enamel snuff bottle auction record for virtually every aspect of the top ten, of which the highest price is 2011 China Guardian [microblogging] autumn auction to 7.82 million yuan turnover Qianlong imperial copper body painting models Continental Ladies enamel snuff bottle, ranked second in 2008 at Christie's [microblogging] Spring Auction Co. in New York to $ 825,000 deal imperial copper painted enamel million flowers to open Western ladies snuff.

Yang Jian Hua Chen auction that the enamel has been a concern, but its production is difficult and costly, the number was too scarce and copper cloisonné enamel snuff bottle made more for the court, so as enamel snuff bottle Lots of focus, several times in the snuff special to win.

In addition there is stress in the production process, the material selection has become a critical factor in snuff. YANG Jian believes that development of the market from the current point of view, good materials, such as jade, coral, agate, tourmaline, etc. snuff, subject to market sought after.

Tang Tong also that, from now, jade snuff market conditions like the best. 'Snuff bottles for collection of the primary collectors, might think that kind of jade snuff bottle collection in the material can be preserved, jade itself has ornamental and value, while glass and other materials requires a certain expertise, currently limited to experts communicate with each other. '

Inside painting snuff bottle is produced by another process, with a special deformation of fine pens, with skill against the inner wall of the pot to draw a clear slender figures, landscapes and other patterns. Jiuge charge that, in recent years, painting snuff bottles can be described as a meteoric rise, Ma Shaoxuan, leaves Zhongsan, Zhou Yue Yuan and other late Qing famous painting snuff bottles being sought, price increases are relatively large.

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Boutique snuff prices rose

Auction with foreign mature markets, Tang Tong believes that domestic snuff bottle auction is still a big gap, China is still in its infancy, so snuff bottle is well worth the investment of a kind work of art. 'Snuff to be tapped heritage too, each one has its own characteristics, snuff bottles is the art market potential of stocks, plenty of room for future appreciation. 'he said.

Snuff bottles in a variety of materials, Yang Jian believes that jade class cloisonne possible prices rose even faster, but because they are so rare enamel, future prices will continue to rise. Moreover, during the morning, fine snuff bottles, Future gains even greater.

Nine responsible person more optimistic about the prospects for collection of snuff bottles, the annual auction price increase is relatively stable, the ups and downs of the situation is relatively small, more suitable for mass collectors involved in numerous categories of snuff now the real prices high after all still in the minority, there are still some varieties valuation of depression, such as gemstone, bamboo etc. still have upside potential.

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Primary collectors can start from the master disciple

Yang Jian believes that a complete collection system, then the collectors funding requirements are very high, but the price is relatively low snuff, and the rich subject matter, each species can be collected. YANG Jian believes that we must first decade snuff collection identification, and the older, the higher the value of the snuff bottle collection, 'Qing Dynasty kiln snuff is naturally superior choice.' followed by 'rare', to select the scarcity of material snuff bottle, if you want collection painted pots, To select famous works, the economic strength of the weaker of the collectors can be a disciple of famous masters from the collection, such as Wang Qian, ZHANG Ru Choi, who works start, 'These are the works of contemporary artists are also highly collectible potential for future appreciation considerable. '

Tang Tong believes that the primary collectors must first understand the Qing Dynasty carving and clearly snuff bottles from the Qing Dynasty to the Qing-type changes. Secondly, from a certain category of their own preferences begin to understand, and then to expand slowly . porcelain snuff bottles survive in the world more, kiln Qianlong, Yongzheng, Daoguang, Xianfeng period snuff bottle is more common, Qianlong made snuff most precious.