CCTV to carry out educational activities Marxist concept

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WASHINGTON (Reporter Niu Chun Ying) CCTV from April this year, in all of Taiwan launched a range of 'beliefs, ideals and responsibility' as the theme of Marxist concept education activities. << >> China News Publishing newspaper reporter from CCTV Party Committee learned that, as of now, there are 776 people in Taiwan have participated in intensive training, in which more than 300 announcer first trained.

In order to better promote the activities carried out, CCTV has set up a Marxist view of education leadership team, led by party secretary of China Central Television, station HU Zhan who served as head of the relevant Taiwan leader served as deputy head. HU Zhan who pointed out that Marxism News concept is CCTV unremittingly educational mission, whether it is public information, cultural promotion, or advertising must clearly reflects the Marxist concept. Marxist view of education should intensify two-pronged approach, common good, first From the announcer, host of the Marxist view of education began, one does not fall, in batches training, and gradually cover the entire station staff.

In order for activities and work closely, CCTV invited experts on various aspects of the broadcasting industry development status and future of the Western media staff management system, a correct understanding of reform and opening up achievements in the current international political situation, cultural industries ecological evolution, announcer enhance the overall quality, media innovation and network environment, traditional media and social media such competing hot issues of concern to everyone, for seminars.

Requirements of the activity, information centers, financial channels, Chinese international channels, sports channels, Science Channel, Society and Law channels, namely the organization of the department announcer talks Marxist concept learning experience. Learning to enhance training effectiveness, leadership activities Group Office under the leadership of expert lectures, to be a 'Marxist view of the main content of what is' 'How will you work abide by professional ethics, compliance news propaganda discipline,' 'Do you think that further enhance the overall quality and operational capacity of the way What are the 'three questions, please announcer combined with my practical work to answer as of June 8, CCTV Party Committee received a total of 217 respondents.

At the same time, according to the activity requirements, each announcer combined to participate in educational activities around the 'announcer insist Marxist view of the importance and necessity', 'announcer how to adhere to social responsibility', 'broadcasting Members Moderator how to enhance comprehensive literacy ',' how to treat fame announcer relations ',' announcer how to use new media 'and other five topics, combined with his business experience and growth and development, writing a learning experience. Six February 8, CCTV Party Committee received a total of 264 learning experience, all appreciate the article is currently being modified, typesetting, proofreading, book publishing will soon end integration, and as a communication materials to the relevant departments and the media counterparts gift.

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