Snowdon Ecuador asylum application

Published: 14:30:30 June 24,2013  Views: 258

Snowdon Ecuador asylum application

Snowdon (data plan

Original title: Snowdon or asylum in Ecuador Ecuadorian Foreign Minister will hold a press conference tonight

International Online reports (Reporter Baiyun Yi: 24 am Beijing time, Ecuador's foreign minister is visiting Vietnam Patino published on its official account Tweets that the Government of Ecuador has received Snowdon asylum application. Moreover, it Ecuador, local media reported Patino will GMT at 12:00 on the 24th (GMT 20:00 held a press conference to inform the outside world about information.

At the same time, also issued a communique said WikiLeaks, diplomats and Snowdon in WikiLeaks legal adviser, accompanied by a safe route, go to Ecuador, while the news is more likely to increase the people's Ecuador refuge on Snowdon speculation.

Why, then, would choose to Snowdon Ecuador, Venezuela or refuge it? First, the current President of Ecuador Rafael Correa is a very 'anti-American' and the wrist is very tough leftist president, who is not only the various summit in Latin America and diplomatic occasions often thrown fierce anti-American rhetoric, and even because of dissatisfaction with the U.S. sanctions against Cuba had refused to participate in the OAS summit in Chavez's death, more a large number of analysts believe that President Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador will carry Chavez's 'banner', a South American 'anti-American' leader of the leftist camp, so either Ecuador or Venezuela, are firmly standing on the side of the national anti-American camp, so if Snowdon Select 'Escape South America' ​​is understandable.

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