Brain parasite girls "tunneling" 1 year

Published: 1:20:10 June 25,2013  Views: 167
Southern News correspondent correspondent Hu Yu Huai Wang Daobin live insects into the brain, and the brain stem, midbrain position constantly creeping, crawling, one year in the brain to repair out of a ten-centimeter-long fine 'tunnel.' Fortunately, this burrow The move has been under the surveillance of a doctor, until then I want to high-risk areas from the brain exhumation, doctors surgery to be implemented immediately catch the day before yesterday, the Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital successfully from a girl uncovered a parasite of intracranial year sparganosis insects.

Monthly checks concern insect movements

8-year-old girl from Guangxi Xiaoyu, from last January began walking instability, incontinence, learning lazy and other symptoms. After much therapy, has been unable to pinpoint the cause. Until last June, was in Guangzhou Hospital found pathogenic lesions: a parasitic brain parasites, linger in almost called pontine brain surgery restricted location. 'if forced to surgery, external injuries may damage the girl's life center, the region controls the body's consciousness, breathing, heartbeat, careless handling child may be paralysis, vegetative state or even life-threatening. 'Hospital Division of Neurosurgery eight main Ren Guoqiang said that the best way is to wait for a good move to leave the insects themselves the core area of ​​the brain stem.' Doctors recommend children once a month brain imaging, pay close attention to the movements of insects. '

Brain slowly than stay in a mobile

A month later, imaging insects began to appear subtle moves upwards department motor cortex. Another month, insects and move up a little. To January of this year, the insects upwards finally arrived brainstem pons edge, climbed to the position in the brain at this time, this guy's movement began to accelerate, less than a month's time, they climbed into the right brain basal ganglia in the brain.

'While it continues to dig in the brain 'tunnel', but insect itself is small and the impact on brain function is still relatively limited, it touches linger a long time, is apt to cause various diseases, affect the function.' From the brainstem to the core area insects, Guo Qiang proposition is still waiting, 'such as by existing trajectory, insects can act to the cerebral cortex, the surgical risk to lower.'

Fast climb to the penalty area and quickly pulled out surgery

This year in May, still maintaining the upward movement of insects, suddenly changed from the constant upward movement to the left. Subsequent imaging and found this guy in the sport for a year, go to the brain, the caudate nucleus position, turning to turn around, the road direction and pointing to the core operation restricted brainstem.

Surgery immediately, in the lower right side of the risk factors within the brain uncovered this 7 cm parasites --- sparganosis This parasitic worms and more wild frogs, snakes, raw water, human digestion after ingestion the system enters the nervous system, then entrenched brain, causing all kinds of neurological symptoms.

It is reported that this year in the insect brain Xiaoyu traveled route up to more than 10 cm.

(Original title: Girls brain parasite 'tunneling' 1 year