Taiwan Taoyuan branch deputy governor Li Chao was blasting resignation allowed corruption involving land speculation

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Taiwan Taoyuan branch deputy governor Li Chao was blasting resignation allowed corruption involving land speculation

Taoyuan County Magistrate Wu Zhiyang (Right Deputy Magistrate Chao-Chi (left

BEIJING, June 27, according to Taiwan << United Daily News >> reported that the Taiwan Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Chao-Chi three degrees broke the news hype Aviation City agricultural land, MRT green line parapet Tong, Li Chao sticks twice as previously this resignation was invitation to stay, the 26th governor Wu Zhiyang finally agreed verbal resignation Joseon third branch 'quasi-speech', 'but have to wait to find replacements to leave.'

According to reports, Wu Zhiyang said, because the Li Chi adhere to resign, he respected the decision of the Li Chi, and other branches of the Li back at work next week submit a written resignation, he would approve.

Taoyuan County Government Government Ethics Commissioner Shen Feng Liang said that in January this year, Li was revealed Taoyuan Airport MRT A11 pit-stop shopping place, we have to investigate the case, confirmed that the Li branches were bought agricultural land and parapet Tong two places. ' There is no specific evidence illegal things, but poor social perception 'and therefore did not make follow-up action.

Taoyuan County Bureau of Investigation and the 'Independent Agency' earlier this year in February and March, the initiative sent to the county access to two parcels of land on trading related information, and until yesterday no further action such interviews. Zuoqi leave three days of Li Chao Chi innocence clarify 'sources of funding fairly transparent and clear.' but could not bear the image of the team hit the county, decided to resign.

Supervision Organization announced last October the property declaration, the Li Chi jumped 100 million 30 million yuan (NT, the same below), the Li Chi Wu Zhiyang surface immediately reported to increase the disposal of the property is inherited land from the family, and to 'all I know hundreds of millions of family property, 'a security risk is too high, verbal resignation.

Wu Zhiyang agree that at this point in time the Li Chi quasi-speech, just like adding insult to injury, Wu Zhiyang 'reluctant heartless', the Li-chih, parliamentary agenda invitation to stay over, pass the budget, which should also have a current affairs wind survey results before you go.

After the media broke the news that the Li Chi years ago May to 80 million at the Taoyuan Airport MRT A11 Hang Hau Station to buy agricultural land in May last year also used the name of his wife, to 50 million yuan in Taoyuan MRT station Green Line G13A buy parapet Tong , 'involving land speculation', the Li Chi still invitation to stay the second time, please resign.

Taoyuan County Government team also use this time, actively seeking candidates for deputy governor, worked with former 'director of the Construction' Ye Shiwen and other human contact, but the message in advance emptied, Ye Shiwen President's nominations to change. Yesterday the media coverage of this issue again , the Li Zhi issued a written statement to clarify that while the third resignation, said, 'I have determined to choose to leave the county government,' and put on the weekly reports.

Li Chao Wu Zhiyang that sticks in Taoyuan county government team has sacrificed health, because Sunshine Act declarations that result in property exposure, even though all sorts of bear in the 'allay concerns' time point quasi-speech, and can only choose to respect the decision of the Li Chi As replacements government said the candidates yet, Ye Shiwen said, 'have the opportunity, do not rule out.' Tags:

(Original title: Taiwan Taoyuan Deputy Magistrate Chao-Chi's resignation was blasting allowed corruption involving land speculation