Painted recipes so adorable, watching the flow of saliva

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The reporter Qiu Sheng Jia

'A good man, on the living room under the kitchen, essential travel home Need ah!'

'Seeking contacts and wanted to give you ah! So every day you can enjoy food, what can you draw for me!'

Recently, circulating online a post about food god, just less than two days, reading rates have more than 180,000. Seen posts sister who have not help but refer to 'such a good man home, I want to pay give you ah! '

What is the message in the end so many food goods and sister who Hold live it? Originally, cook and a good hand painted painting friends 'day small Shing', his self-completed dishes, with photos and hand-drawn cartoons combined Q version form, sent to microblogging to share with everybody.

So talented 'day small Cheng', what is the story behind?

Pencil painted recipes

Caused onlookers

Readily point to open a cookbook which will make people move not open sight. Example, where the Word dish called 'Shrimp Pearl Maruko', the name Meng, drawing even more adorable.

Upper right corner of the dolphin chubby, golden finished Maruko, watching people watering. Then down the material introduced, radish, shrimp ...... everything that ingredients are lifelike, vivid and colorful.

'Glutinous rice must be soaked for a long time, or steamed unfamiliar, huh!' Lower left self-portrait smile very bright, hand writing 'tips' make people feel warm.

Follow this road, 'small ball' with the spread to, but also Jidao similarly to the theme of shrimp dishes, such as 'mushrooms steamed shrimp light', 'figs shrimp', etc. Each dish has a nice name, Usually 2-3 Photo can help produce a detailed process description.

So painted exquisite, bright color, plus a hand full of sincerity pencil paintings, rare indeed, no wonder cause onlookers.

Culinary Academy graduate amazing guy

His stomach lunch conquered colleagues

Cook will paint 'day small Cheng,' Zhang, 28 years old, engaged in e-commerce company in Hangzhou, an operating strategy work.

Zhang Hunan Huaihua people, Academy of Fine Arts graduate, this hand painting for him, but a piece of cake. As for sharing dishes, are self-taught young man looking at recipes.

'I'm the standard food goods, after graduating from college decided to eat to maximize the nature of the goods, that is, do it yourself.'

Maybe it is a senior food goods have talent, experience, Zhang did not cook any dish just tasted it again, then the recipes do it again, you can restore the taste was pretty close.

'Two years ago I began to study cooking, from soup to start, I like small fire to simmer, but also adding herbs, delicious and nutritious.' Later, Sally's 'territory' is also expanding into the unit from home.

'That day I brought lunch to do their own units, microwave get hot when discovered by colleagues, they do not know is what I do, but also took a photo placed in company QQ group, collecting clues of it!' Playing Since then, Zhang craft on fire.

Recipes became popular, in addition to the girls to consult

Sister also want to seek favor of the man

From March this year, Zhang began to concentrate on more sophisticated research and nice dishes, the 'basic every weekend, I would spend an afternoon trying a new dish.'

As for the hand-painted homemade recipes, only thing is the last two days, 'someone saw my micro-blog, will take the initiative to communicate with me, girls love to cook, but also want to discuss the girls favor of the man.'

Actually Yeah, cooking just as boys Zhang relatively delicate side, and the other boys, he also likes to play basketball, travel, leisure life is overflowing.

But ah, talking about cooking and painting welcomed by the girls thing, Zhang was quite shy, 'If my future girlfriend can not cook it does not matter, I will do a good job for her to eat, will With her eat your food! '(thanks to Mr. Zhang rebellion

(Original title: Hand recipes so adorable, watching the flow of saliva