Semi-precious stones worth climbing

Published: 8:44:55 July 27,2013  Views: 145
Because of gorgeous colors, shape blooming, the industry was known as semi-precious stones prehnite, green Wen Shi, water mist, tourmaline, etc., worth climbing in recent years, especially tourmaline, color purity, high quality, and even more turned up exponentially .

It is understood, precious stones and gems are generally divided into two types of semi-precious stones. Precious stones, including: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, semi-precious stones means: crystal, agate, tourmaline, amber, pearls, prehnite, etc. Chongqing Evening News reporter visited local part of the jewelry dealer was informed that because of beautifully designed, mosaic luxury, semi-precious stones in recent years, prices soared suddenly fly. Fortress Church leader Miss Zhou told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, said the store has tanzanite, prehnite, tourmaline Sales and other semi-precious stones. 'local consumers really like.' Century Flying Jewelry Co. Mr. Wang also said the person in charge, semi-precious stones in the local sales are rising.

Sales of semi-precious stones from the local part of the jeweler's news shows, because shape, color and visual resembles jade smooth, transparent, tourmaline semi-precious stones to become a leader, worth soared. Century Flying Jewelry Co., Ltd. Leader Wang introduced two years ago. 15,000 yuan to sell a 4 kt gold red watermelon tourmaline, 'Now at least doubled.' Many industry sources, nearly two years tourmaline superior price turned over several times.

Larger head, beautiful colors, and similar Tanzanite Sapphire is also favored by consumers. Fortress Church Ms. Zhou said the price of a few million years ago a tanzanite ring surface, and is currently sold for $ 10 million yuan green proluta, prehnite, water mist, also driven by the trend and soared.

Gold and silver jewelry Chongqing Industry Association vice president Hao Jin Zhu said that with more and more expensive precious stones trends and consumer demand deposit due, semi-precious stones is expected to continue to force, increase appreciation of space.

How to buy semi-precious stones? Experts said, the quality, size, cut and process, etc., is to determine the status of semi-precious stones to be a result of the appreciation. Heads bigger, the better the quality, the higher unit prices.

Chongqing Evening News reporter Dong one hundred million Bike Qin photo coverage