Nicholas Tse love Zhou Xun complex relationships (Figure)

Published: 13:24:57 July 31,2013  Views: 435
Nicholas Tse love Zhou Xun complex relationships (Figure) Nicholas Tse love Zhou Xun complex relationships (Figure)

Yesterday, the Hong Kong media HKChannel reports of 'secret love Nicholas Tse and Zhou Xun,' the news alarmed entertainment. Matter, Beijing News reporter interviewed Zhou Xun is concerned, the studio publicity official responded by saying: 'We identified (this is) false news, Zhou Xun was just because of work in Hong Kong. 'And Nicholas has also denied the rumors.

Zhou Xun: go to Hong Kong for work-

Yesterday, HKChannel that, according to reliable sources, Nicholas Tse and Zhou Xun has been in love at the end of last year, but due to the fear stimulus Cecilia, has not been announced. Zhou Xun and Nicholas Tse, the report said the two met last year for rock, rub in the exchanges the fire of love, more specifically Zhou Xun moved to Hong Kong and Nicholas Tse sharing a building, convenient appointments. The report also revealed that three weeks Hsieh romance in the entertainment industry has long been no secret that Nicholas Tse Eason Chan and Zhou Xun also describes knowledge.

Yesterday, Zhou Xun studio publicity responsible person in an interview with reporters denied the rumors, 'We identified (this is) false news, Zhou Xun just because of work only to the Hong Kong As to what is working now is not convenient to disclose.' And the report Nicholas said Zhou Xun and rock met last year also not true, it is learned Zhou Xun and Nicholas Tse has long been recognized, worked together years ago advertising.

Tse: Of course, no such thing

In addition, there is news that Zhou Xun and Nicholas Tse was photographed in Hong Kong media company secret meeting, but insiders have said that the day Nicholas Zhou Xun just shot near the company magazine, specially after Nicholas heard downstairs greeted it.

Yesterday, the media linked to Nicholas aspects a staff of anonymity tone certainly denied 'Feng Xun Love': 'Of course no such thing.'

Complex network of relationships ever since Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong fell in love, and Faye Wong's current husband is Zhou Xun Yapeng ex-boyfriend yesterday, 'Feng Xun Love' rumors rumors in the network, many users began to sort out this four star complex between relationship with friends, said: 'I and my little friends are shocked.'