Indian woman diplomat arrested in the United States and the United States and India revoked certificates diplomats in retaliation

Published: 2013-12-17 December 17,2013  Views: 50
BEIJING, Dec. 17 Xinhua, 'Central News Agency' reports, the Indian Consulate in New York, United States Deputy Consul General, 39-year-old 科巴拉加德 (Devyani Khobragade) allegedly forged visa application documents nanny was arrested, the event triggered discontent India India Foreign Ministry sources said that the country has ordered the revocation of certificates to local U.S. diplomats consular officials as a means of retaliation.

Reported that, after the lower house of the Indian Parliament Speaker Mei Yila. Kumar, National Security Adviser Menon refused to meet the 16th five-member delegation to visit the United States Congress, the Minister of the Interior Snyder, vice chairman of the Congress Rahul Gandhi also refused to meet.

According to media reports, the Indian side has also demanded the return of certificates issued to all U.S. diplomatic officials, consular officials.

Event due to the Indian Deputy Consul General in New York, 39-year-old nanny Cobar Raja allegedly forged visa application documents, and lying in nanny salary case.

Cobar Raja on the 12th street by law enforcement authorities arrested and handcuffed, she even was strip-searched, was kind enough to addict kept together during detention, and was sampled for DNA identification.

India, as the treatment for the humiliation suffered by Cobar Raja and furious, however, the U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Huff (Marie Harf) at a regular press conference, said:. 'Our diplomatic security personnel in accordance with standard procedures.'

Reiterate that only in the implementation of the relevant consular official, Coba was entitled to judicial immunity Raja, 'in this case, she was entitled to only specific immunity and was arrested according to a criminal felony arrest warrant pending trial.'