WGC: 2014 gold price has gone up or unexpected

Published: 2013-12-23 December 23,2013  Views: 14
Marcus Grubb World Gold Council (WGC) in charge of that gold as an investment asset, will usher in the new life in 2014, he considered the gold ETF is not clearly point to the gold market, the price of gold in the next year may usher surprising rebound.

Since early this year, the price of gold has fallen by about 30%, the gold ETF outflows this year is about 800 tons, but Marcus Grubb considered as assets at the time of difficulties, it is a little too easy to hit, but gold will remove obstacles even suffered massive outflows this year, gold ETF holdings have remained much as 1,700 tons, while this year, the Chinese market has also appeared in three gold ETF, this trend is likely to continue in 2014.

This year the world's central banks bought a net amount of gold is likely to reach 400 tons, compared with last year fell, but Marcus Grubb believes that central banks continue to buy gold is that they reflect the value of faith. Fact, many ETF are redeemed Gold is being absorbed by central banks and strong physical demand in Asia markets absorbed.

Additionally, Grubb also believe gold hedging will not be so easy to be demeaning, the current market is back to equilibrium, the price of gold has the potential to rebound, which may be a surprise in 2014.