Foreign media said the only Chinese in the expansion of the country's five largest nuclear arsenal of new weapons blowout

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Aoki overseas newspaper special correspondent Li Zhen YANG Ting-ting Zhang Tao short Housing Ma Chi Yu Peng also

China new missile destroyer 'Zhengzhou' was named into the column flag presentation ceremony was held in the East China Sea Fleet on the 26th, which marks China in 'choppy' in the East China Sea the addition of a 'Demon weapon.' Many international media speculation, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine on the occasion outrageously, China announced a high-profile new missile destroyers equipped with a strong symbolic meaning, the ship will be safe to defend the East China Sea, an important force to deal with maritime disputes this year, China a variety of new weapons and equipment frequently unveiled recently test or new weapons and equipment into the sea and air column is particularly eye-catching. >> Singapore << Lianhe Zaobao said China Dongfeng -41 ICBMs were test-fired a submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles and waves -2 past 10 days, while the WZ -10, -20 shipped large transport aircraft demonstrator and a second F-10B fighter first flight or so in the recent mass production, so many foreign media saying that 'the development of new weapons China began blowout.' for this phenomenon, China Military experts believe that these new weapons and equipment is a long-term development of China's achievements, not specifically for Japan, but focus on publicly reported these advanced equipment, reflects China's determination to deal with the security situation in neighboring safeguard their own interests.

China 'light ship' sparked controversy in Japan

'China's new missile destroyer water', the 26th involving a lot of China's political and economic events, but as far away as Europe is concerned that the German news television since the Chinese Military News The television said 26 is the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birthday. Meanwhile, China has quietly held next-generation missile destroyer 'Zhengzhou' numbers into the column named flag presentation ceremony, which marks the addition of China in the East China Sea in Zhejiang, a heavyweight weaponry.

India ZEE News on the 27th, said, 'Zhengzhou' was part of China to develop a new generation of missile destroyers, equipped with a 'new weapon', with long-range early warning, surveillance and air defense of the powerful capabilities. Ukraine news agency said, 'Zhengzhou' was China developed the latest generation of guided missile destroyer, is following the 'Evergreen' was the second ship with East Sea Fleet destroyers of this type. ship alone or in collaboration naval vessels of other sea-to-air attack, with a strong long-range surveillance detection and regional air defense capability. join the East China Sea Fleet will further enhance China's maritime power in the East China Sea. reported that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine, the Chinese missile destroyer equipped with new high-profile announcement of great symbolic significance.

Ship deployed in the East China Sea to China's new missile destroyers, Yahoo Japan introduced after the news 'Zhengzhou' numbers into the column, the Western military researchers also quoted as saying that China is building five similar destroyer in Japan's largest online forums 2CH, the Chinese netizens new destroyer sparked fierce debate in Japan there are many military fans said, 'Chinese and Japanese Aegis destroyers in fact there is a big gap between the U.S. Aegis, but the shape,' but more users that 'China Warships progress quickly, the strength of the Chinese naval equipment can best embody, 'and' China expressed concern about the threat to Japan. '

Russia's military-industrial complex site on the 26th that due to the Sino-Japanese territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands around intensifying in recent years, the Chinese navy is the fastest growing branches of the military, China's first aircraft will be delivered 052D type Aegis destroyers to the Navy in 2014, which warships will use vertical missile launchers, known as the 'Chinese version of the Arleigh Burke (United States Navy battleship species, with the Aegis system - editor's note).' Chinese naval shipbuilding industry developed, built and delivered dozens of ships various types of ships and submarines. future, China will continue to update the weapons and equipment for the Navy to improve its combat effectiveness, to prepare for future conflicts may occur.

China's National Defense University professor Li Daguang of << Global Times >> that China's new warships recently appeared frequently, not deliberately against Japan, he said, Chinese weapons development subject to the needs of the Chinese national construction equipment system, and the entire national security-related construction , not necessarily linked with Japan. Currently China frequently appeared new weapons, and weapons development cycle. compared to the past, China's national defense construction investment is growing, more weapons development program arrangements, natural outcome of some more new weapons to safeguard national security and interests certainly played a significant role, it is beyond doubt. single day on the military equipment deployed in the East China Sea, the Japanese quality and quantity are stronger than China, but a combination of factors to consider, not necessarily Japan's strong.

Chinese weapons development is in the 'catch-up'

In addition to 'Zhengzhou' destroyer started going out, and a number of weapons and equipment are also popular with China's recent public attention the most 'prominent' is China's 10 consecutive days of two intercontinental missile test-fired .26, the Chinese Defense Ministry statement people Geng Yansheng said at a regular press conference that China planned to conduct scientific research in the territory of the test is normal, these tests are not specific to any particular country and destination. >> Singapore << Lianhe Zaobao said that China allegedly carried out within 10 days. ' Dongfeng -41 'ICBM and a' waves -2 'submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, China's nuclear strike capability enhancement caused concern at home and abroad. reported that' waves -2 'and' Dongfeng -41 'is China's first second-generation and third-generation nuclear missiles, China is regarded as the backbone of future strategic nuclear deterrent.

Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun >> << that China test-fired a new intercontinental missile continuously while trying to gain control of the air and sea, the new equipment has apparently become the basis for China to protect the safety of the latest Washington 'beacon of freedom,' the website said, 'Dongfeng -41 'After the modernization and improvement of the' waves -2 'submarine-launched nuclear bomb, is regarded as China's move to improve the offensive part, these moves are mainly for maritime disputes with Japan, the Philippines, but also in order for the United States Navy.

In addition, a variety of new equipment, the Air Force also made overseas media exclaimed, 'China's new weapons and equipment development blowout.' South China Morning Post in Hong Kong << >> said, China has independently developed the 23rd WZ -20 helicopter successfully implemented its first test flight, 'to fill the PLA arsenal of a blank. 'U.S. Black Hawk helicopters and similar aircraft, and can take off and land on aircraft carriers and perform tasks in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which greatly expanded the PLA's combat capability of landing and special Russian military industrial complex site on the 25th, said In coming to an end at the end of 2013, China shipped -20 realize large transport aircraft demonstrator second successful maiden flight and the F-10B fighter production. these indicate that China compared with Europe and the United States has the potential of technology, capable of producing missiles, fighter , destroyers and other advanced equipment, and China in imitation of technological progress while achieving sustainable development and improvement of products.

German 'political observers' net 27, the 'fear of military equipment to China' as the title says, the Chinese growth concerns are surrounding the Pacific Ocean, China has recently successfully tested a new type of strategic missile includes two new weapons including a variety of these The new weapon is not only a challenge to any attempt to geopolitical deterrent, but also to China filled with unprecedented confidence. For the United States, not only the face of Chinese competition on the economy, the future may also be in the military beyond China.

For some Western media on China worries weapons, a source close to the Chinese military scholars >> << Global Times said, in fact, the current Western multinational forces have been completed modernization of information as to the characteristics of, and the Chinese army still in the process from the semi-mechanization to mechanization and informatization development which, in this catch-up process, the pace is bound to be larger, faster new equipment China have recently appeared, in fact, is the result of making up, make up for the last century economy give way and lost military lesson. Take ICBMs, for example, the United States and other Western countries in the early 1980s has been achieved solid fuel technology, underwater technology and extensive use of multiple independently technologies. has the Western media said that China is the country of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the only one in the expansion of nuclear arsenals, and these media are deliberately ignored the key point, the Chinese nuclear arsenal is the power of the weakest countries in these countries, China has not the United States the number of nuclear warheads fraction more, in terms of throwing power, Britain, France and other countries are also ahead of China. American media has repeatedly ridiculed China's missile submarines never been combat cruise.

China will speed the development of weapons and equipment

Article equality and reconciliation << >> Site of Canada, said China's recent show of weaponry have been targeted, such as the U.S. strategic missile deterrence, so that can not easily involved in conflict around China, destroyers and new aircraft is to deal with the US-Japan peripheral enhancement in Chinese naval and air forces, the introduction of a large air-cushion landing craft in Ukraine, it is directed against the contested islands.

Chinese military expert Li Jie 27, 2011 to accept << Global Times >> reporter said, for practical reasons and for future development, the Chinese navy needs to continue to expand the new, large main vessels, although in recent years, Chinese warships launched a number of new vessels, But the British ship Yearbook >> << Jane's display, the main destroyer of the Chinese Navy is still nearly half of the 1970s developed 'Luda' class, by contrast, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ships every year a new main ship continued to join, the overall performance is maintained at a high level. Moreover, China has 18,000 km of mainland coastline, 14,000 km of coastline and three million square kilometers island waters under the jurisdiction, need to have enough vessels to achieve effective management.

<< >> Deputy editor Wang Yanan aviation knowledge that these frequent appearance of new equipment, described China's military build-improving transparency in the past, similar messages can not be publicly reported on the other hand, China focused public reports advanced equipment, should also be taken into account changes in perimeter security situation objectively reflects China's determination to safeguard their own interests.

Several Chinese experts believe that the future of Chinese weapons development will remain at a faster rate, after all, a country as big as China's, the need for various types of equipment are many. If one day the number of Chinese equipment and technology over several countries, do not surprised, because it meets the needs of the position and interests of China's great economic powers. ▲