Ma Hanggong cloth MH370 aircraft passenger list (Photos)

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Ma Hanggong cloth MH370 aircraft passenger list (Photos)

Li Yu Li Yu photo photo photo Li Yu

Beijing BEIJING, March 8 electric passenger list 马航公 cloth MN370 aircraft. Including 154 Chinese passengers (including an infant, a China Taiwan passengers), 38 passengers Malaysia, Indonesia 12 passengers, seven passengers in Australia , three French passengers, four American passengers (including a baby), two New Zealand passengers, two Ukrainian passengers, two Canadian passengers, a Russian passengers, an Italian passenger, a Dutch passenger, an Austrian passengers.


Ma Hanggong cloth MH370 aircraft passenger list (Photos)

Li Yu Li Yu photo photo photo Li Yu

Ma Hanggong cloth MH370 aircraft passenger list (Photos)

Li Yu photo

(Original title: List 马航公 cloth MH370 passenger aircraft (Photos)

s of investor education programs.

Gui Minjie said that after last year effort, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in late trading simulation has started and now has a three-month trial period. Transaction until now the entire simulation run is relatively stable, rational investors to participate actively, technical operation of the system normally, we tested these things is good. the launch of a total number of simulated trading data, one subject of the contract, we launched four targets, two stocks, two ETF, the total number of listed contracts 222 , 4 subject can produce 222 contracts. trading volume because we control the number of copies of each transaction account, the average daily trading volume is about 280,000 daily transaction amount is 800 million yuan. positions is also good, both in the standard data.

Participation in the market, said Gui Minjie, a total of 76 securities firms, brokerage customers to participate in the simulation SSE options trading, most of our brokers are involved in the simulated trading, the price is reasonable priced transactions, market makers are expanded from the original four to nine, as do market makers, options contracts maximum deviation control in about three weeks, which compared with other developed markets are within a reasonable range.

Gui Minjie emphasized stock options last year, the focus of our work is the focus of work this year, I hope that through our efforts, to launch stock options in the year, of course, we need approval, we've carried out the application submitted to the Commission a report stock options , waiting for the Commission for approval. Commission also need to do some work at the Commission level, the introduction of options trading management approach, only after the management approach of the rules, we are now waiting for the progress of the specific work.

How to avoid the stock options are stir-fried, problems, said Gui Minjie, designed to control the risk in a prominent position to consider. Future regulation will have on the following aspects, the first is to avoid being stir-fried, enacted in exchange when the rules provide standardized contract with is infinite, we have had warrants lesson, if it is finite, it is easy to stir, so we offer is unlimited.

In addition, the design of the price limits. Two breaker, once more than the downbeat automatic circuit to allow the market to calm down. Third position limits regime, each account can buy the highest number of accounts, we now stock index futures implementation of this system is still very effective. Fourth Fourth purchase system. Fifth large reporting system. Sixth margin system. seven qualified institutional investors.

Through a multi-faceted measure, I would like to suppress and control the stock options sensation will play an important role, but these systems are very efficient, good experience from various countries, as well as their own experience of the Chinese market is good, including existing financial futures markets are good ways, so we do not worry about this so-called market will stir irrational state, on the contrary, I was quite worried about the future too much control, the market is not necessarily less active. But the Shanghai Stock Exchange stock options will strive to smooth launch, hoping to meet investor demand.

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    A key concern has been more concerned about the attention riday (March 7) in late New York session, spot gold closed at $ 1,339.68 / oz.

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      A key concern has been more concerned about the attention n areas import management, import and domestic circulation to promote convergence.

      At the operational level, Zhangzhao An suggested implementation of the 'bonded import, Parcel exit' tax policy. Companies to import goods declaration way into Bonded be bonded warehousing, order upon generation networks, personal way of declaration of export goods by enterprises Parcel handling declare and pay taxes. 'This approach can reduce intermediate logistics links, improve logistics speed, compared with the general norms of overseas purchasing goods trade tariffs, lower average tax burden Parcel tax, levied on cross-border imports of personal goods Parcel tax, will better meet consumer demand of domestic consumers, and greatly improve the efficiency of e-commerce services, but also to better meet consumer demand, expanding imports and reduce trade friction brought about by international inflation, 'he further explanation.

      While engaged in cross-border trade of small and micro enterprises, Zhangzhao An representative suggested that the customs encourage enterprises to set up purchasing centers in customs supervision and bonded logistics centers, distribution centers and distribution centers, enterprises through customs supervision and bonded supervision areas expansion of related merchandise imports. further standardize customs supervision order flow.

      'Domestic Internet companies should establish cross-border e-commerce platform, referring to international practice, improve relevant laws and regulations, to support the development of cross-border business electricity supplier,' Zhangzhao An representatives also stressed that should continue to improve relevant laws and regulations, to further standardize government behavior, play a role in the market, to cover trade information flow, logistics, trading the whole process of cross-border capital flow in the direction of development of e-commerce business platform to develop cross-border e-commerce services, modern logistics, information services on the basis, in order to effectively facilitate cross-border e-commerce import growth.

      (Original title: Zhangzhao An: Cross-border electricity supplier imports will expand its national economic strategy column

      nal resources into teaching others the point is not occupied, what the Ministry of Education safeguard measures?

      Yuan Guiren: teaching point is the nerve endings of education in relation to the level of development of rural education, educational equity related to the bottom line we will start specialized works through with the necessary facilities, giving priority to teachers, to ensure that public funds, to accelerate the construction of educational information and other measures. effectively improve the teaching point school level.

      User: At present, the rural primary and secondary education is facing major issues, a lot of schools did not dare to open physical education, physical education, or open only for kids to walk, bend yo on the playground, for fear that the children who javelin lessons, shot put, discus courses and basketball, football programs hurt the kids, I do not know how to do in the future physical education? system how do the kids?

      Yuan Guiren: Sports relations child health, the relationship between national future, enough to open a good physical education, physical exercise time to ensure that students develop good exercise habits this year, the Education Ministry will study the implementation of the 'campus sports risk control management approach'. establish and improve relevant systems, eliminating worries schools, increasing physical education teachers training, improve education levels.

      User: The Ministry of Education of the poor areas contiguous to give teachers a living allowance, I strongly support the expansion to ask whether all rural schools Another problem is that teachers' salaries network transmission for many years, I can implement the reform program as a Henan forest.. City special post of teachers in rural areas, 2,000 yuan per month, it is expected to improve wages.

      Yuan Guiren: Create a special post teachers' system, is a major initiative to support rural education teachers in special post dedicated education, has made an outstanding contribution to the rural poor areas to give teachers a living allowance, many provinces have begun to implement the range will continue to expand. The central government grant.

      User: For the development of western education, particularly the development of higher education, the Ministry of Education will be introduced in 2014 what specific policies and measures to support it?

      Yuan Guiren: Midwestern Higher Education, regardless of the number of schools, number of students, are the bulk of the degree of development of higher education in central and western China's higher education, determines the overall level of higher education in China will continue to implement our Midwestern Higher Education revitalization plan. through the construction of high-level universities, improve basic skills, promote restructuring and development, comprehensive counterpart support and other measures to accelerate the development of higher education to promote the Midwest.

      User: how to solve the employment problem in the end of the college?

      Yuan Guiren: In recent years, the annual college graduates are about 7 million, is the country of valuable human resources of the party and government attach great importance, has taken various measures to support employment and entrepreneurship college major tasks in the education sector: First, deepen education education reform, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve, the second is to strengthen employment guidance, encouragement to the grassroots level of employment, the third is to improve employment services and employment information, advocacy employment policy.

      User: Yuan minister Hello, I am a young college female teachers, first of all thank you for your continued 'green pepper' their concern young teachers in working life will encounter a lot of questions I want to know the reality of the Ministry of young teachers. Is there any consideration to grow?

      Yuan Guiren: Young teachers are the backbone of teachers, the state is very concerned about the healthy growth of young teachers will strive to protect our young teachers' professional development, living conditions, try to solve the practical difficulties of young teachers working and living areas, so that we both homes and music. industries.

      User: After education spending to 4%, it was generally felt a lot of money now, but the public schools on how to make better use of funds, but lack of monitoring whether a new regulatory mechanism of secondary vocational school students are no long-term funding standards, investment.? difficult to protect, how to solve?

      Yuan Guiren: After you have increased funding for education, we will comprehensively strengthen the supervision of the use of funds for the strict implementation of the Accounting Law in schools, colleges and universities to promote the chief accountant of the appointment system, strengthen project reporting, evaluation and use of public benefits, increase audits. The efforts to ensure that each individual with a good pipe good education funding to promote financial disclosure, accept the supervision of the whole society. vocational education student funding to develop standards based on the actual needs and characteristics of the school.

      User: Graduate suddenly put the charging system so that we have a large lot of pressure on parents ah why not continue to implement publicly funded system.?

      Yuan Guiren: Graduate Fellowship charging system and the state system is supporting the introduction of measures to implement the new policy, the state invested substantial efforts to improve graduate, graduate received funding should pay tuition exceeds its overall funding levels further improved.

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    • News video: airborne troops dropped paratroopers filled the drill
    • ncome over expenditure is difficult to continue
    • Exclusive Gallery: Balance Bao Bao products easily than other global markets live
    • News video: airborne troops dropped paratroopers filled the drill
    • years prefectural
    • The supreme law: the law on collective research misconduct determined to chase criminal liability
    • CCDI Disclosure local discipline inspection departments: most provinces configure a positive 4
      • Heilongjiang governor rejected the mayor funding application: you can not have pointed to the government
      • Director of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau laughed language to avoid Answer Why abandon politics from business
      • Deputy director of the CPPCC proposal: Some people can not operate mine proposal
      • Guangdong containment doctors arrested three people who want to pay hospital Xi Shi was stopped
      • American 'teacher' sexual abuse of children across the United States two jailed for 30 years
      • NBA-Rockets victory over the Pacers with 28 points Harden Lakers three-game losing streak Video
      • Super - are video broadcast opener Hengda VS Jianye exclusive broadcast Guoan 19:30
      • Property tax pilot to expand around the suspect was suspended misreading serious illness insurance income over expenditure is difficult to continue
      • Exclusive Gallery: Balance Bao Bao products easily than other global markets live
      • News video: airborne troops dropped paratroopers filled the drill
      ontainment doctors arrested three people who want to pay hospital Xi Shi was stopped
      • American 'teacher' sexual abuse of children across the United States two jailed for 30 years
      • NBA-Rockets victory over the Pacers with 28 points Harden Lakers three-game losing streak Video
      • Super - are video broadcast opener Hengda VS Jianye exclusive broadcast Guoan 19:30
      • Property tax pilot to expand around the suspect was suspended misreading serious illness insurance income over expenditure is difficult to continue
      • Exclusive Gallery: Balance Bao Bao products easily than other global markets live
      • News video: airborne troops dropped paratroopers filled the drill
      td width=16% align=center bgcolor=#d1eaf2> By the tie / hemisphere 2.01 2.82 3.35 2.18 Friday 1.85 By the tie / hemisphere 2.01 2.82 3.35 2.18 Saturday 09:00 1.85 By the tie / hemisphere 2.01 2.82 3.35 2.18 Saturday 14:00 1.85 By the tie / hemisphere 2.01 2.82 3.35 2.18 Saturday 17:00 1.85 By the tie / hemisphere 2.01 2.82 3.35 2.18 At 22:30 on the 8th (Saturday) 09 Stuttgart VS Ghotel 2.12 A ball 1.74 1.6 3.5 5 Friday 1.85 Hemisphere / a ball 2.01 1.6 3.5 5 Saturday 09:00 1.9 Hemisphere / a ball 1.96 1.6 3.5 5 Saturday 14:00 1.9 Hemisphere / a ball 1.96 1.6 3.5 5 Sat 17:00 1.9 Hemisphere / a ball 1.96 1.6 3.5 5 At 22:30 on the 8th (Saturday) 10 Wolf VS Bayern 1.96 By Qiuban 1.9 8.1 5 1.27 Friday 1.96 By Qiuban 1.9 8.1 5 1.27 Saturday 09:00 1.96 By Qiuban 1.9 8.1 5 1.27 Saturday 14:00 2 By Qiuban 1.86 8.1 5 1.27 Saturday 17:00 2.04 By Qiuban 1.82 10 5.6 1.2 At 01:30 on the 9th (Sunday) 11 VS Bremen Nuremberg 2.08 Hemisphere / a ball 1.78 1.8 3.4 3.84 Friday 2.08 Hemisphere / a ball 1.78 1.8 3.4 3.84 Saturday 09:00 1.86 Hemisphere 2 1.8 3.4 3.84 Saturday 14:00 1.86 Hemisphere 2 1.8 3.4 3.84 Saturday 17:00 1.86 Hemisphere 2 1.8 3.4 3.84 At 23:00 on the 8th (Saturday) 12 balia VS Barcelona 1.8 By two goals 2.06 12 6.3 1.15 Friday 1.84 By two goals 2.02 12 6.3 1.15 Saturday 09:00 1.86 By two goals 2 12 6.3 1.15 Saturday 14:00 1.88 By two goals 1.98 12 6.3 1.15 Saturday 17:00 1.88 By two goals 1.98 12 6.3 1.15 At 01:00 on the 9th (Sunday) 13 Betis VS Getafe 1.94 Hemisphere 1.92 1.9 3.35 3.5 Friday 1.9 Hemisphere 1.96 1.9 3.35 3.5 Saturday 09:00 1.9 Hemisphere 1.96 1.9 3.35 3.5 Saturday 14:00 1.9 Hemisphere 1.96 1.9 3.35 3.5 Saturday 17:00 1.9 Hemisphere 1.96 1.9 3.35 3.5 At 03:00 on the 9th (Sunday) 14 VS Celta horse sports 1.76 By hemisphere / a ball 2.1 3.9 3.35 1.8 Friday 2 Affected hemisphere 1.86 3.9 3.35 1.8 Saturday 09:00 1.95 Affected hemisphere 1.91 3.9 3.35 1.8 Saturday 14:00 1.98 Affected hemisphere 1.88 3.9 3.35 1.8 Saturday 17:00 1.98 Affected hemisphere 1.88 3.9 3.35 1.8

      ent_010> Tire pressure monitoring system No No No No Multimedia configuration GPS navigation system No No No No Human-computer interaction systems No No No No Internal hard drive No No No No Bluetooth / Car Phone No No No No Car TV No No No No External AUX interface Have Have Have Have USB interface Have Have Have Have External iPod Interface Have Have Have Have Multi-disc CD No No No No Support MP3/WMA CD Have Have Have Have DVD System No No No No Number of Speakers Speakers 4 4 4 4 Tech configuration And an auxiliary line No No No No Tabulation: Sina car s the multilateral trading system, while China is also actively involved in the negotiation of a multilateral or bilateral trade and investment liberalization in the various regions of the world. [10:21]

      [Gao]: As you talk about the TPP, we think this is a very important negotiations, but also a high level of trade agreements China has always been on the arrangements for investment and trade liberalization among the holders of each area is inclusive and open. attitude, we also hope to be able to accommodate the relevant aspects, open and transparent attitude, to promote regional trade arrangements, which add new vitality to the multilateral trading system. Chinese side highly concerned about the TPP negotiation process, but also to assess the development of the negotiations and progress, at the same time, we have and the main negotiating parties maintained communication of information, such as China and the United States, the United States is involved in the process of establishing their regional FTA negotiations on information arrangements as institutional arrangements, has As a Sino-US economic and trade joint committee which finalized an institutional arrangement, so that China is highly concerned about this, and it is inclusive and open, and we are actively assess Thank you. [10:21]

      [Southern Metropolis Daily reporter]: We know that China will host the APEC informal leadership meeting and a series of meetings this year, but there are many critical voices internationally now, is considered the role of APEC in promoting regional economic and trade cooperation is undermining Will high. Minister, how do we ensure that the conference be held when the sound is no longer a continuation of this criticism? us what specific initiatives will promote trade and economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific? Thank you. [10:23]

      [Gao]: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC Asia-Pacific region is currently the highest level of participation, the influence of the largest regional organization since its establishment in 1989, APEC trade and investment liberalization and facilitation in the areas of economic and technological cooperation between the two wheels. driving under, to promote trade and investment development and economic prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region has made important contributions to play an important role. [10:24]

      [Gao]: I do not say that APEC's role is being undermined, I believe 21 APEC members did not know why the people have such a very simple, as long as we look back at the annual APEC meeting, the ministerial level from each.? outcome of the meeting to which informal leadership meeting, an annual inventory of each meeting and its outcomes achieved, and to see the role of APEC in promoting regional trade and investment facilitation and economic cooperation will be played this conclusion. [ 10:24]

      [Gao]: China Asia-Pacific region as an important member of a large family, and our economy is inextricably linked with the Asia-Pacific region .2013 years, the trade volume between China and the APCE members accounted for 60 percent of China's total foreign trade in China. APEC members FDI accounted for nearly 70% of China's total foreign direct investment from China's actual use of foreign capital in proportion to APEC member countries reached 83% of the total foreign investment, I use in China's top ten trading partners, there are eight of APEC members, we can see that China and APEC ties, APEC members and associates of China. [10:24]

      [Gao]: After a lapse of 13 years, this year China will once again become the host of APEC, will host the leaders of the informal ministerial meetings and other activities, including APEC trade ministers meeting will be May 17 to 18在山东省青岛市举行.针对当前亚太经济面临的新形势,中方提出APEC中国年的主题为'共建面向未来的亚太伙伴关系',我觉得这个题目是完全切合当今亚太地区经济发展的形势的.其中三大议题为:推动区域经济一体化、促进经济创新发展改革与增长和加强全方位的基础设施和互联互通的建设.[10:24]













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      s maximize consensus in the community.

      Second, according to the law to exercise oversight powers, strengthen the 'government houses' oversight

      Strengthen supervision by the NPC, the basic strategy of governing the country according to law is an inevitable requirement. Party's 18 proposed to strengthen the 'government houses' supervision, strengthen the government budget accounts full bore review and oversight. Eighteenth session of the Third Party Plenary stressed that sound 'government houses' produced by the National People's Congress of People's Congress is responsible, subject to supervision by the NPC system, strengthen supervision of the NPC to review the budget and final accounts, the state-owned Assets Supervision and functions, by asking that question, a specific questionnaire, record review and other positive responses social concerns, we want to fully implement the central spirit and supervision law, promoting supervision work to a new level.

      First, we must adhere to the exercise of supervisory powers according to law. NPC 'government houses' supervision, supervision is legally binding on behalf of the State and the people, reflecting the constitutional principle that all state power belongs to the people. Powers are statutory supervision by the NPC exercise powers of statutory procedures and the way they are. NPC and its Standing Committee to perform their duties faithfully the Constitution and the law, both the courage and good supervision and oversight to ensure that supervision within the scope of statutory authority, in accordance with legal procedures.

      Second, we must focus on the overall work of the Party and the country to carry out supervision. The hot and difficult issues concerning the overall situation of reform, development and stability of the major issues of common concern and people as the focus of supervision, strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the Constitution and the law, and strengthen constraints on the exercise of power and supervision, and to promote the implementation of major decisions and plans of the central correctly handle the relationship between supervision and support 'government houses' work to promote the 'government houses,' according to the executive, judicial justice, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.

      Three ways to improve supervision. Continue to carry out special inquiry, perfect organization and working mechanism, enhance the relevance and effectiveness. Improve administrative regulations, local regulations, judicial interpretations and other normative documents filed censorship. Improve enforcement inspection supervise research methods, listen and reflect public opinion put forward opinions and suggestions weighty targeted. urge the parties concerned to seriously study the processing of the Standing Committee deliberations, and improve their work.

      Supervision in accordance with the principles and ideas, the main contents of the Standing Committee oversee this work are: First, check the implementation of the Tourism Law, Patent Law, the right to promote the full implementation of the law is to listen to the consideration of the second plan, budget reports and central accounts and audit reports. work report, central accounts for examination and approval in 2013, heard and deliberated the State Water Conservancy finance capital investment and usage reporting, budgeting, management of the department to carry out special investigations, work to promote the implementation of the general tone while maintaining stability, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of economic development. Third, heard and deliberated the State Council on deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system, strengthen financial supervision to guard against financial risks and other reports, to carry out the implementation of special investigations, and promote the full implementation of central policies and arrangements to deepen reform, accelerate the reform of key areas and key links to the Civil Service Law. Fourth hear a report for consideration by the State Council on the work of energy conservation, the implementation of the inspection Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, conduct special investigations of soil pollution prevention and control situation, urging solve outstanding environmental issues, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization. fifth is heard and deliberated the State Council on promoting urban and rural social security co-ordination system, the new rural construction, safety and other reports, the implementation of the Protection of Minors Act case to check around the region's economic and social development of ethnic conduct special investigations, respond to concerns of the masses, to resolve outstanding issues and urge the people's vital interests. Sixth listened to consider the Supreme People's Procuratorate work report on the specification of judicial conduct, promote the improvement of judicial impartiality level, promoting social justice and safeguard its people.

      Third, continue to strengthen and improve service representatives, foreign exchanges, self-construction and other work

      Working on behalf of a sound system, a solid job in service and support, and give full play to the role of the representative First, to further strengthen contact with the representatives of the Standing Committee. Chairperson's Council through visits, phone calls, letters, etc., to strengthen exchanges with representatives directly linked to Local law enforcement inspection, investigation and inspections when invited to participate in direct contact with representatives of the relevant activities. establish the Standing Committee members, contact NPC special committees working mechanisms, in particular to strengthen ties with the grassroots NPC deputies. improve the participation of representatives Standing Committee, special committees working mechanism, trying to make the NPC deputies from the grassroots level in the five-year term can attend a Standing Committee meeting, invite more representatives to participate in law enforcement inspection, legislative research and other activities. Second, representatives of the peoples closer Contact the masses. improve ties with the masses on behalf of institutional strengthening liaison representatives and build a sound network platform, improving behalf inspections, special investigations and other work to broaden and enrich people's representative channels and content to better understand their needs represented in play, reflecting the unique role of public opinion, pool their wisdom aspect. third is to further improve the level of performance of their duties on behalf of the service guarantee. representatives of motions and proposals to improve the handling quality and broaden the knowledge on behalf of informed political channels, to carry out on behalf of thematic learning and training, so that NPC deputies from the grassroots level in five can accept the one-year term study and training.

      Conscientiously implement the central diplomatic major policies and overall deployment, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with key countries, developing countries and parliaments of neighboring countries, consolidate and improve the mechanism of regular exchanges with foreign parliaments, and actively carry out multi-channel multi-form foreign exchanges, enhance political mutual trust , promote pragmatic cooperation, enhance people's friendship, positive and stable development of China's reform and create a favorable external environment for the maintenance of world peace and stability and promoting common development and make due contributions.

      Continue to strengthen self-construction of the Standing Committee, the NPC adhere to the correct political orientation, uphold the Party's leadership over the work of the NPC, and resolutely safeguard the authority. Adhere to the principle of democratic centralism, the implementation of the Party's mass line, increasing the political representatives of the people exercise state power management responsibility wholeheartedly. closely around the central major decisions and plans to strengthen the work of the NPC new situations and problems of research to improve the legislation, supervision, and representatives of the level of work. strict compliance with the provisions of the Central eight, improved sound style austerity normalization system, resolutely safeguard the seriousness and authority systems. continue to run the Standing Committee seminar, organized to improve and expand learning areas, and enhance learning. strengthen leadership over the work of the special committees, give full play to the role of special committees. strengthen Contact the local People's Congress work closely collaborative work, work exchanges, enhance the overall effectiveness of the NPC's work together to promote democracy and the rule of law and building a socialist. NPC authorities to follow the ideal firm, reliable politics, business skills, fine style, honest and diligent , and further strengthen the cadre ranks.

      In September this year, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National People's Congress was founded. Practice has fully proved that the people's congress system is in line with China's national conditions, reflecting the nature of the socialist countries, to ensure that people are the masters of the fundamental political system, but also at the national party political organization in implementing the mass line, giving full play to achieve the best form of democracy. should to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of National People's Congress as an opportunity to further promote the glorious history of the people's congress system, remarkable achievements and practical experience, in-depth promotion of the fundamental political great superiority of the system, strengthen the people's congress system of self-confidence, promoting the people's congress system with the times.

      Distinguished delegates, a new journey of reform and opening calls on us, the people's new expectations motivate us and let us rally closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of 'Three Represents' Scientific concept of development, fully implement the series of important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, unite and forge ahead, work for building a moderately prosperous society, and constantly strive for new victories of socialism with Chinese characteristics and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and work struggle!

      (Original title: first report of the NPC Standing Committee work Dejiang (full text)